SpeakerBot at The Goat Farm

Please let the video load before playing…
The Build and Debut of SpeakerBot, by Ninja Puppet Productions.
Filmed at The Workshop-An Inman Park Arts Center, and The Goat Farm Arts Center

Built for the Scoutmob + The Goat Farm Halloween 2014


SpeakerBot Builders:
Melissa Brewer
Tera Buerkle
Raymond Carr
Breanne Grover
Laurence Laufer
Tom Trinh

SpeakerBot Crew:
Kiera Robbins
Melissa Brewer
Thom Stanley
Tara Clark
Qate Bean
Aretta Baumgartner
Blaire Hillman
Tom Trinh

Music by DreamLogic*: soundcloud.com/itsdreamlogic/disco-funk-breakdown
Videography & Editing by CineBot Video cinebotvideo.com