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Otter Space: Kaleidoscopic Memory

Two years ago today my husband Austin and I were waiting for him to be released from the hospital. It...

Welcome to the Race Circus Project

Are We Integrated?  How does our state of integration or separation affect us? These are some of the questions that resonate in MakeShift Circus Collective's The Race Circus Project.  In 2014 MakeShift Circus Collective set out to explore race relations in Atlanta. With the help of sociology students and members of the social justice community, they conducted forums where they asked people to open up about their experience with race and diversity. They recorded the stories and discussions and incorporated them into a powerful show featuring aerial silks, juggling, dancing, trapeze and more.

Alexis + Justin

An epic wedding at Emory University. They used the Jurassic Park theme in their wedding procession, their first dance was...

Never Stop Adventuring

I’ve been determined not to let chemo ruin my summer, and as a result I’ve packed a lot of activities...

How To Flame Your Dragon

Fire performance by Mac Rebekah Music by Harry Blotter Videography/Editing by Alison Daye Theodore/CineBot Video

A Post of A Personal Nature

The last year and a half has been a rollercoaster, with Austin’s health issues (stroke/AVM/Craniotomy) and also with our decision...

Nature Things


Fall Photography

Fall Photography

The Bakery Birthday Bash

October 8, 2018 makes a full year since The Bakery Atlanta opened to the public! We were there to capture the...

Josef Martinez Promos

It was a blast working with Real Estate agent Magda Gomez and Atlanta United Soccer player Josef Martinez on these promos!...

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