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I am Alison Daye Himes, a videographer, editor and Atlanta native. I fell in love with music videos and movies as a child. I often found myself listening to music and visualizing images that would move with the beat. I wanted to see the music. Though I always knew I wanted to do something in the arts, it wasn’t until college that I connected with my dream of creating music videos. 



“Antirobotic” song by Otter Space

Music video directed, shot and edited by Alison Daye Himes (CineBot Video)

Song by Austin Theodore, featuring Willis Holder.

Austin is part of the CineBot Video team, and my partner in life. We were extremely excited to be able to bring our creative abilities together. This video features all sorts of marine life and was shot on location in Seaside, Florida, and at the Georgia Aquarium. We really, really love animals. 

More Otter Space music videos coming in the future!

Visible Music

An extremely moving depiction of the bond between a mother and daughter.

This piece was the show finale from the Gwinnett School of Dance 2017 Spring performance.

Choreography by Nina Baldridge.



The MakeShift Circus Collective spent two years putting together the show for The Race Circus Project. They wanted to find out how Atlanta locals feel about race, culture and ask “Is Our City Integrated?”

CineBot Video is working with The MakeShift Circus Collective on a film featuring their Race Circus Project show. Watch the trailer here.

Full film coming late 2017.

Read more about it on their website:


A music video for all ages. Working on this project was a beautiful experience.

Cinematography and Editing by Alison Daye Himes (CineBot Video)

Directed by Brandon Ross (Brandon Ross Productions)

Featured on Creative Loafing


Skateraid 2014

SkaterAid was an annual skateboard, arts and music festival in Decatur. It was a charity benefit for families dealing with pediatric cancer, and held in honor of the late Ian Wochatz, an avid skateboarder and all around wonderful spirit. The event had an amazing 10 year run, they raised a lot of money for their cause.  I really enjoyed filming the last few years, being a part of this was something I will never forget. 2014 was the final year, and they really pulled out all the stops for the last SkaterAid.

Go Pro Footage shot by James Hartzell and Ion Carlock.

Music by Forje (now known as Hardcastle)


The Phoenix is a large scale moving puppet sculpture, inspired by the mythology of the Phoenix and the story of Atlanta rising from the ashes. It was built for Out Of Hand Theater, by Julia Hill and her team at The Workshop. The Phoenix has been featured at several Atlanta events since its birth in 2015.

Watch the Phoenix come to life in this “Making Of” Documentary. Soundtrack by Dark Room.




One of the best parties I’ve ever been to was this super fun and offbeat wedding at the Lake Claire Land Trust in Atlanta, Ga. They had a short and quirky ceremony before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, then they danced the night away with their family and friends.

Watch the wedding highlights video and feel like you were part of the celebration.

Videography by myself (Alison) and Photos by CineBot Team member, Ion Carlock.

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