The Phoenix Maquette, part of the Resurgens Phoenix project

The Phoenix for Resurgens

Resurgens: A Phoenix Flies Over Old 4th Ward Building and Testing the Phoenix Donations: The Workshop Crew: Julia...


2014 Highlights

Includes Scenes from Aquarium Puppet Building Bird Mountain Dire Wolf Inman Park Festival Parade The Atlanta Beltline...

Skateraid 2014 Thumbnail

Skateraid 10 2014

Highlights from SkaterAid 2014. Thanks to all the Artists, Bands, Skaters, Sponsors, Supporters and Volunteers who made SkaterAid possible....

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SpeakerBot at The Goat Farm

Please let the video load before playing… The Build and Debut of SpeakerBot, by Ninja Puppet Productions. Filmed at The...

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Skateraid 10

Don’t Miss Out On The 10th And Final SkaterAid! *Bring your board and skate all day at SkaterAid. Contests...

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The Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade 2014

Highlights from our footage of the Lantern Parade. September 6, 2014. Photographer-Ion Carlock Videographers-Alison Daye Himes, James Hartzell, SpaceMan (GoPro)...

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Direwolf for HBO

Watch the Direwolf Puppet being built from the ground up, and see its debut at the HBO Game Of Thrones...

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The Lucky Penny: Workroom

The Lucky Penny has an awesome new space for creators, collaborators and all things dance.