Book of Colors: Hologram of Thought

“The premise is simple: Book of Colors plays the song for their beloved ones and films their reactions. The close-up shots of smiling, laughing, gently swaying, or simply closing their eyes to connect with a distant memory is a perfect complement to the song. We do see the faces of singer-songwriter Andre Paraguassu and Adron — who sings alongside Paraguassu — but it’s mostly just eyes, ears, and mouths. The idea for director Brandon Ross and cinematographer Alison Daye Himes is to capture pure, emotional response in the sections of the face that show it the most. It’s the listeners reflected back at ourselves, which is something we rarely get to see. Stop for three minutes and allow yourself to connect with the video, the song, and your own emotions. The present is always the most powerful.”
-Sean Zearfoss, Creative Loafing

Directed by Brandon Ross

Cinematography and Editing by Alison Daye Himes (CineBot Video)