My name is Alison Daye Theodore, and I’m originally from Atlanta. I have been a cinematographer and editor for over 12 years. Telling a story with captivating imagery is my passion. 

My portfolio includes Music Videos, Wedding Videos, Special Events, Documentaries, Performance Videos, Promotional Content and more. 

My love for the arts began in my childhood. I’ve always loved creating imagery, whether it was drawing with pencil and paper or with a mouse on my computer. I often found myself listening to music and visualizing images that would move with the beat. Music was something that I wanted to see, and to achieve that I decided to make art in motion.

I started shooting and editing in 2005. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Video from Georgia State University. I graduated with honors in 2008, and after a few years of freelancing I decided to start a LLC. I chose the name CineBot Video out of my love for all things cinema and-you guessed it-robots.

Over the years I’ve developed an editing style of my own.

For my clients I offer all styles of editing: from classic and simple to progressive and edgy. 

What can I create for you?

A self portrait alongside my fiance´and second shooter, Austin.

A self portrait alongside my husband and second shooter, Austin.