The Race Circus Project Film

Are We Integrated?

This is the question The Makeshift Circus asks in their thought provoking theatrical show: The Race Circus Project. Using real stories from Atlanta residents, they put together a spectacular and emotional performance featuring aerial silks, juggling, dancing, trapeze and more!

2 years of videography/editing work, 4 full shows & 1 rehearsal, 2 cameras each shoot, over 10 tracks of video and effects for each segment. The full film runs around 65 minutes. That’s just the part that I did. These artists put their hearts and minds into this show for over 2 years as well, and it has been an honor to represent their important message with this film.

For many reasons, it’s emotional to let go and finally be done. In some ways it feels like saying goodbye all over again, but I know it’s an awesome thing to be able to share this project with new audiences, to remember all the people who made it a reality and to keep the good work going. I hope to work on more mind opening projects like this in the future! 

Thank Yous:

The artists: Judah Andrews, Sara Gregory, Jacosa Kato, Eric Prather and Andrew Ritfield for creating this piece and allowing me to get creative with the video project. Hiron Roy for creating a stunning musical score that never got old to listen to, and was always fun to edit with. My partner Austin Theodore for running a camera with me at every show, and for watching these segments with me over and over again. Jen Mac for being an amazing human, and for providing us with footage from a 5th show we weren’t able attend.

Screening opportunities coming soon!!! 

Read more about this project and workshop opportunities here:

Alison D. Theodore